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Final Day! 60% Discount on the 2023 Summer Toy HydroRocket Splash Blaster

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What can I do to inspire my children to embrace the great outdoors and actively engage in playtime?

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged during scorching summer days? Want to ensure they stay cool and refreshed?

Look no further! 

The Rocket Launcher Toys offer a solution to these problems by providing a fun and interactive outdoor water play experience for kids.

Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler

The Ultimate Outdoor Water Adventure!

Presenting the HydroRocket Splash Blaster, an absolute delight for outdoor water adventures!

Brace yourself for a splashing good time and thrilling moments with this captivating water pressure lift sprinkler toy.

The HydroRocket Splash Blaster is expertly crafted to ignite hours of exhilarating fun and interactive play, whether in the garden or on the lush lawn.

This innovative water toy reaches unparalleled heights, effortlessly propelling water-powered rockets into the sky.

Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler

Beat the heat and dive into the thrilling HydroRocket Splash!

When the summer sun sizzles, beat the heat with the HydroRocket Splash Blaster. Transform your backyard into a water park with this incredible toy. It's the perfect interactive water toy for endless giggles and excitement on hot days. 

HydroRocket Splash Blaster: Enjoy Interactive Learning and Outdoor Thrills!

 Premium Quality Material 

Our Rocket Launcher not only meets but exceeds all mandatory safety standards set by the American authorities. Crafted with non-toxic materials, free from bisphenol A, it ensures the utmost safety for children.


 Use our unique Rocket Sprinkler for watering and cooling. Connect the garden hose to the Water Powered Toys to make the rocket rise and balance on the water. Once the rocket is balanced to the position you want, water will spray out of the rocket nose cone, wetting those who dare to run under the rocket.


 The rocket sprinkler is designed in rocket shape, looks so cute and cool, the bright color can attract kid easily to play water games on the lawn, backyard or courtyard happily.

 Children and adults play Space Rocket Jet together, which can promote parent-child relationship and intimacy.

  The rocket sprinkler toy is a funny gift for kids to enjoy water fun in summer with your families and pets. A innovative toys that keeps kids engaged perfect for the beach, pool, and backyard fun that’s a delight for all ages.

[Easy to Operate] 

1. Connect the connectors at both ends of the water pipe first.

2. Insert the connector into the launch base.

3. Drop the other connector and fix it on the faucet outlet.

4. Put the rocket on the launch base and slowly turn on the tap. The rocket will spin upwards for take-off as the water pressure increases.

NOTE: Please open the valve of the faucet slowly. The Water Pressure Higher, the rotation will be faster, and spray height be higher.




Package List:

1* Rocket 

1* Base Interface

1* Faucet Interface

1 * 3M Water pipe 


Item: Rocket Launcher Toys

Material: Plastic

Color: yellow,white,red(optional)

Size: 28.5*18cm

Packing Size: 14.8*14.8*29cm

Packing Weight: 400g

No matter what the holiday, no matter who the gift is for, it fits perfectly.

The best gift for your kids


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