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Packet Sealer - Assorted

$19.99 $19.99
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Keep your food protected and lock in the freshness and flavor with this portable mini heat packet sealer. It easily reseals original plastic bags so food is not exposed to dust and bacteria.

It is perfect for snack packets, pulses, grains, masala packets, biscuits, coffee, tea, sugar, and literally everything that comes in packets and you don't want to finish in one go. 

Packet Sealer - AssortedPacket Sealer - AssortedPacket Sealer - AssortedPacket Sealer - Assorted



  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Easy and quick to use, mini size, portable
  • Made of high temperature resistance insulation PC material, safe to use
  • Reusable, more economical
  • Widely used, applies to all kinds of food packing bag
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Purple
  • Plug: You can choose your country's plug when submitting an order or adding to the shopping cart.
Instructions for use
  • 1. Make sure that the power is turned on and the switch is turned on. At this time, the indicator light is on and the sealing machine starts to heat up;
  • 2. After the sealing machine is preheated for 30-60 seconds, perform the sealing operation;
  • 3. The sealing width of the sealing machine is 6.5cm, and the wider packaging bag can be sealed on both sides once; 4. The sealing speed can be adjusted according to the thickness of the packaging bag;
  • 5. When the temperature of the sealing machine is too high, you can temporarily turn off the switch, and then turn on the switch when the temperature needs to be increased;
  • 6. After use, push the switch to the off position, pull out the power socket to cut off the power, and wait for it to cool down before storing.
  • Precaution!
  • 1. Be careful not to use the sealing machine near water or bring it into the bathroom;
  • 2. If the power cord is found to be damaged before use, it is forbidden to use it to avoid danger;
  • 3. This product is strictly forbidden to be used by children, so as to avoid scalding children, keep away from children;
  • 4. Electrical appliances should be stored in a well-ventilated and dry environment to ensure that they can be used again
  • Rated Voltage: 110-250V 50Hz 
  • Plug Type:US(110V),EU(230V),UK(220V),AU(220VV)

Please note- the sealer works best on thick plastics. So if your plastic is too thin - try folding it so the sealer gets a good grip!


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